Adolf Friedrich, Graf von Schack: “Twilight”

By Adolf Friedrich, Graf von Schack (1815-1894), from Gedichte, published 1867. Set by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), “Abenddämmerung”, op. 49 (Fünf Lieder) no. 5 (1867). Translation © Emily Ezust, Lied & Art Song Texts Page.



Be welcome, hour of twilight!
Long have I loved you above all;
You soothe every wound,
Gently embracing our souls.
Throughout your dusky brightness
In the air, damp with evening dew,
Hover images that the glaring
Light of the noisy day dispells.
Dreams and memories
Approach from childhood times,
Whispering with ghostly tongues
Of past happiness.
And to the comrades of our youthful pleasures
We turn in our father's house;
Arms that once embraced us
Are open wide to us again.
After the long pain of separation,
We may once again
Be with those who have gone hence,
And rest among beloved hearts;
And until upon our eyelids
Slumber gently flows down,
A blessed peace sinks down upon us
From the land where our friends are.