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Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim: “War-Song”

Excerpt: “Historic Survey of German Poetry, interspersed with various translations.” By William Taylor in Three volumes. 1828-1830.


Excerpt, “The Poetry of Germany, Consisting from Upwards of Seventy of the Most Celebrated Poets.”  Translated into English Verse by Alfred Baskerville.  1853.


The Round Table by Adolph von Menzel

Frederick the Great at Sanssouci

Third from the left, in the purple coat, is Voltaire; next to him in the red uniform General Christoph Ludwig von Stille, then the king, Frederick II.

to general von stille2

Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim: “The Invitation”


The Invitation


I have a cottage by the hill;

It stands upon a meadow green;

Behind it flows a murmuring rill;

Cool-rooted moss and flowers between.


Beside the cottage stands a tree,

That flings its shadow o’er the eaves;

And scarce the sunshine visits me,

Save when a light wind rifts the leaves.


A nightingale sings on a spray

Through the sweet summer time night-long,

And evening travelers on their way,

Linger to hear her plaintive song.


Thou maiden with the yellow hair,

The winds of life are sharp and chill;

Wilt thou not seek a shelter there,

In yon lone cottage by the hill?



Johann W. L. Gleim: “The Wanderer”


Fairwell to the Valley – Moritz von Schwind




My native land, on thy sweet shore

Lighter heaves the breast;

Could I visit thee once more,

How I should be blest!


Heart so anxious and so pained,

Fitting is thy woe;

My native land, what have I gained

By wandering from thee so?


Fresher green bedecks thy fields,

Fairer blue thy skies;

Sweeter shade thy forest yields,

Thy dews have brighter dies.


Thy Sabbath bells a sweeter note,

Echo far and near;

The nightingale’s melodious throat,

Sweeter thrills the ear.


Softer flow thy lavish streams

Through the meadow’s bloom;

Ah!  How bright the wanderer’s dreams

‘Neath thy linden’s gloom!


Fair thy sun that flings around

Genial light and heat.

To my father’s household gate

Let me bend my feet;

There, forgetting all the past,

I will rest in peace at last!