Johann W. L. Gleim: “The Wanderer”


Fairwell to the Valley – Moritz von Schwind




My native land, on thy sweet shore

Lighter heaves the breast;

Could I visit thee once more,

How I should be blest!


Heart so anxious and so pained,

Fitting is thy woe;

My native land, what have I gained

By wandering from thee so?


Fresher green bedecks thy fields,

Fairer blue thy skies;

Sweeter shade thy forest yields,

Thy dews have brighter dies.


Thy Sabbath bells a sweeter note,

Echo far and near;

The nightingale’s melodious throat,

Sweeter thrills the ear.


Softer flow thy lavish streams

Through the meadow’s bloom;

Ah!  How bright the wanderer’s dreams

‘Neath thy linden’s gloom!


Fair thy sun that flings around

Genial light and heat.

To my father’s household gate

Let me bend my feet;

There, forgetting all the past,

I will rest in peace at last!