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Julius Mosen: “The Bridal Chamber”

Excerpt, The Poetry of Germany, Consisting from Upwards of Seventy of the Most Celebrated Poets.”  Translated into English Verse by Alfred Baskerville.  1853.




Glowing waxen tapers tremble,

Calmly sleeps the fairest maid

Under flowers, wreaths, and spangles,

Gifts by fond affection laid.


With the little wreath of myrtle

Round her glossy flaxen hair,

With a strange unearthly brightness

Death illumes her visage fair.


Gentle tones play round the sleeper,

As of holy angels’ wings,

And the harp with wailing accents

Softly through the chamber rings.


Maiden, did thy heart foretell thee

Such a bridal bed of pride?

That thy rest would be so regal,

Didst thou think of that, sweet bride?