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Ludwig Bechstein: “Brother Spend and Brother Save”

Friedrich Hölderlin: “To A Rose”

Heinrich Heine: “Night Brooded On Mine Eyelids”

German Stories: “The Swan of the Frauenberg”

Christian Felix Weisse: “After the Harvest”

Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz: “William Tell”

Robert Reinick: “Come In The Still Night”

Mary Howitt: “Greyhound and Badger-Hound”

“The Child’s Picture & Verse Book.” Commonly called Otto Speckler’s Fable Book. Translated from the original German by Mary Howitt. Illustrated with One Hundred Engravings. 1854.

Louise von Plönnie: “Is It Rapture? Is It Woe?”

Gustav Pfarrius: “The Drink From A Jack-Boot”

Friedrich Schiller: “The Might of Poesy”

Excerpt, “German Ballads, Songs, etc., comprising translations from Schiller, Uhland, Burger, Goethe, Korner, Becker,  Fouque, Chamisso, etc., etc.” London:  Edward Lumley. 1845.

Julius Sturm: “Loved One”

Excerpt, “Borrowed Plumes: Translations From German Poets.”

By James D.B. Gribble. 1888.

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