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Edmund Hoefer: “The Water-Lily”

Excerpt, “English Echoes of German Song.” Tr. by R. E. Wallis, J. D. Morell and F. D’Anvers. Ed. by N. D’Anvers. London: 1877.

water lily

water lily2

Justinus Kerner: “Departure”

Excerpt, “German Lyrics.”  Translator:  Charles T. Brooks.  1853.

J. Ludwig Uhland: “The Castle By The Sea”

Friedrich Freiherr de la Motte Fouqué: “Complaint of the Sick Warrior”

Excerpt, “German Ballads, Songs, etc., comprising translations from Schiller, Uhland, Burger, Goethe, Korner, Becker,  Fouque, Chamisso, etc., etc.” London:  Edward Lumley. 1845.

Johann Gabriel Seidl: “The Forger”

Excerpt, “Masterpieces of German Poetry.” Translated in the Measure of the Originals by F.H. Hedley. With Illustrations by Louis Wanke. London:  1876.

Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse: “Summer-Weary”

Excerpt, “Borrowed Plumes.”  Translations from German Poets.” James Gribble.  1888.

Richard Dehmel: “From An Oppressed Heart”

Prince Emil von Schönaich-Carolath: “Oh Germany!”

Excerpt, “The German Classics:  Masterpieces of German Literature.  The Patrons’ Edition.” 1914.  Vol. XVIII. Translator: Margarete Münsterberg.

Friedrich Rückert: “From My Childhood Days”

Georg Herwegh: “The Stirrup-Cup”

 Ludwig Achim von Arnim/Clemens Brentano:  “The Reaper”

Excerpt, “The Boy’s Magic Horn.”  German Classics:  Masterpieces of German Literature.  The Patrons’ Edition.”  1913. Vol. 5. Translator:   Margarite Münsterberg. Painting “The Reaper” by Walter Crane.

Friedrich von Matthisson: “Song”

Friedrich von Matthisson


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