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Johann Gottfried Herder: “The Child of Sorrow”

Anastasius Grün: “The Muse Called to Judgment”

Excerpt, “The Spirit of German Poetry:  A Series of translations from the German Poets, with Critical and Biographical Notices. ”   Translated by Joseph Gostick.  1845.

Johann Gabriel Seidl: “Deception”

Johann Nepomuk Vogl: “The Bleeding Heart”

Pierre-Jean de Béranger:  “The Swallows”

Excerpt, “Echoes:  or Leisure Hours with the German Poets.” Translated by A. C. Kendrick. Rochester:  1855.

Ludwig Uhland: “The Black Knight”

Excerpt, “The Songs and Ballads of Uhland.” Translated from the German by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 1864.

Heinrich Heine:  “I DREAMED”

Excerpt, “Translations from the German Poets of the 18th and 19th Centuries.”  By Alice Lucas. London:  1876.

Goethe:  “Eventide”

Excerpt, “German Poets and Their Times:  A Series of Memoirs and Translations” by Joseph Gostwick with Portraits by C. Jager. 1874.

Emanuel von Geibel:   “I AND THOU”

Excerpt:  “German Lyrics.”  Translated by Charles T. Brooks.  1853.

Emil Ritterhaus: “Heart and Mind”

Excerpt, “English Echoes of German Song.” Tr. by R. E. Wallis, J. D. Morell and F. D’Anvers. Ed. by N. D’Anvers. London: 1877.


Frances Harriott Miles:  “Rübezahl”

Excerpt, “Flowers of German Poetry.” Translated  by Frances Harriott Miles. 1870.

Gottfried August Bürger: “Love’s Witchcraft”

Excerpt, “Specimens of the German Lyric Poets: Consisting of Translations in Verse, From the Works of Bürger, Goethe, Klopstock, Schiller, etc., Interspersed with Biographical Notices, and Ornamented with Engravings on Wood by the First Artists.”  Translated by Benjamin Beresford, Joseph Charles Mellish. 1822

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