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Schiller: “Hope”

Excerpt, “A Book of Ballads from the German.”  Translated by Percy Boyd, Esq.  1848.



Schiller: “The Maiden From A Far Country”

Schiller: “The Conflict”

Schiller at the Court of Weimar

Schiller:  “The Knights of Malta”

Excerpt, “The Poems of Schiller.” Translated by A. Bowring, C.B.M.P. 1851.

Friedrich Schiller: “The Might of Poesy”

Excerpt, “German Ballads, Songs, etc., comprising translations from Schiller, Uhland, Burger, Goethe, Korner, Becker,  Fouque, Chamisso, etc., etc.” London:  Edward Lumley. 1845.

Schiller:  “Trooper’s Song”

“The Book of German Songs from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century.” Translated and Edited by H. W. Dulcken. 1856.

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