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Conrad von Kirchberg: “Even if on desert waste”

Excerpt, “Lays of the Minnesingers or German Troubadours of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.” London, 1825.

Rodolph of Hapsburgh succeeded to the Imperial crown in 1273 ; and, though the flame which the fostering care of the Suabian princes had nourished continued, to a certain extent, to burn on till the close of the century, it is plain that it was gradually expiring. About the period of Rodolph’s accession, we find Conrad of Wurtzburg, one of the most highly gifted of the Minnesingers, lamenting over the declining popularity of his art in the following plaintive lines, which are introductory to his history of the Trojan war.

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Minnesinger: Conrad Von Kirchberg

Count Conrad Von Kirchberg was a Swabian, who lived in the latter part of the twelfth century. He was the author of several songs.



May, sweet May, again is come,

May that frees the land from gloom;

Children, children, up, and see

All her stores of jollity!


On the laughing hedgerow’s side

She hath spread her treasures wide;

She is in the greenwood shade,

Where the nightingale hath made


Every branch and every tree

Ring with her sweet melody;

Hill and dale are May’s own treasures.


Youths rejoice! In sportive measures

Sing ye! Join the chorus gay!

Hail this merry, merry May!


Up, then, children! We will go

Where the blooming roses grow;

In a joyful company

We the bursting flowers will see:

Up, your festal dress prepare!


Where gay hearts are meeting, there

May hath pleasures most inviting,

Heart and sight and ear delighting.


Listen to the birds’ sweet song:

Hark! How soft it floats along!

Courtly dames, our pleasures share!


Never saw I may so fair;

Therefore dancing will we go.

Youths, rejoice! The flowerets blow!

Sing ye! Join the chorus gay!

Hail this merry, merry May!