Eichendorff: “I travel silently…”

By Josef Karl Benedikt von Eichendorff (1788-1857) from “Gedichte (Ausgabe 1841)” in Wanderlieder, in Der verliebte Reisende, no 1.Set by Hugo Wolf (1860-1903), “In der Fremde I”, 1881.Translation © Emily Ezust, Lied & Art Song Texts Page.

Da fahr’ ich still im Wagen

I travel silently in the coach -
you are so far from me -
but wherever it might take me,
I remain still with you.
There fly by forests, gorges
and lovely deep valleys,
and larks high in the sky,
as if your voice were calling.
The sun shines merrily
far beyond the area;
I am so happy and so tearful,
and I sing silently inside.
From the mountains, the path goes downward,
the posthorn rings out below;
my soul grows so cheerful
and I greet you from the bottom of my heart.