Karl Theodor Körner: “Good Night!”



Good night!  Be thy cares forgotten quite!

Day approaches to its close;

Weary nature seeks repose.

Till the morning dawn in light,

Good night!


Go to rest!

Close thine eyes in slumber blest!

Now ‘t is still and tranquil all;

Hear we but the watchman’s call,

And the night is still and blest.

Go to rest!


Slumber sweet!

Heavy forms thy fancy greet!

Be thy visions from above,

Dreams of rapture – dreams of love!

And the fair one’s form you meet.

Slumber sweet!


Good night!

Slumber till the morning light!

Slumber till the dawn of day

Brings its sorrows with its ray!

As the fair one’s form you meet,

Sleep without or fear or fright!

Our father wakes!  Good night!

Good night!