Hölty: Delightfully Sound the Birdsongs

by Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hölty (1748-1776)

Holder klingt der Vogelsang

by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) , “Minnelied”, op. 71 (Fünf Gesänge) no. 5 (1877).

Translation copyright © by Emily Ezust, from The Lied & Art Song Texts Page.



Delightfully sound the birdsongs

when the pure angel

who conquered my young heart

wanders through the wood.

Redder bloom the valleys and meadows,

Greener becomes the grass

where the fingers of my lady

Are picking little mayflowers.

Without her, everything is dead.

Blossoms and herbs are wilted;

and no spring sunset

would seem to me as fair and fine.

Darling, lovely woman,

Never wish to flee;

that my heart, as well as this meadow,

might bloom in joy!

Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hoelty 

Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hölty