Lenau: “Wish”

Excerpt, “Gems of German Lyrics:  Consisting of Selections from Ruckert, Lenau, Chamisso, Freiligrath and Others.”  Translated into English Verse by Henry D. Wireman.  1869..



Fain would I travel

Far over the sea,

Thou, my beloved,

With thee alone!


Intruders and list’ners,

And cold disturbers,

Would keep far distant

The surging abyss,

The threatening sea.


So safe we should be

And happy alone.

Were storms to come

I’d clasp thee firmly

And close to my breast.


Were billows to thunder

Behold!—Now tires

The roaring commotion,

The waves and the winds are

Falling to slumber,

And over the waters

Tranqulity reigns.


Thou restest thoughtful

Upon my breast.

So deep the stillness,

My listening heart

Hears answer throbbing

Thy listening heart.


Though we are alone,

The thoughtful Ocean

Not to disturb, thou

Dost whisper gently,

And softly quiver

Only thy lips,–

The undulating

Leaves of the rose;

I drink in thy words,

The ringing fragrance

Of the lovely rose.