L.H.C. Hölty: “A Winter-Song”




Rich wines, flow, flow!

Keen North winds blow,

To rest doth Phoebus sink:

The shaggy bear

Frowns night-blasts near,

Drink, brethren, let us drink!


The wood-fire bright

Spreads cheerful light,

Lo!  Sparks, in volumes, fly;

The noble Rhine

Provides us wine:

Quaff, brethren, joyously!


The banquet gay

Drives frost away,

And ushers blooming Spring:

Joy’s magic hours

Are crowned with flowers,

While feathered warblers sing.


Songs echo round,

Harps sweetly sound,

We rove through valleys fair,

A virgin-train

Glide o’er the plain,

And grapes luxuriant bear.


Rush wildly forth,

Blasts from the North,

O’er valleys decked with snow!

Yet, gently pass

That sparkling glass,

Whence purples juices flow!


Pain, brown and blue

The haughty shrew,

With supercilioius air!

Yet, Boreas keen,

Shun Hermeline

Who veils her bosom fair!