Madame de Staël

Traveling the Air Bridge, the long-desired 1813 John Murray edition, “Of Germany,” has come to me. The “first” English translation. Three volumes … now even more glorious at 195 years of age!

The Baroness Ann Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein’s “De L’Allemagne.”

Following its 1810 publication in France, the work was immediately banned by Napoleon’s regime and Madame de Staël was forced into exile.

Immersed once again in Literature and Music of the Period, with great contentment I continue my antique studies. Now onto Volume II. Like the works of Goethe, Schiller, Carlyle and Heinrich Heine, Madame de Staël’s “Of Germany” is a valuable reflection of the literary figures of the Romantic Period … its attitudes and times.

For now, de Staël on German Poetry:

The genius by which it is inspired addresses our Hearts,
And seems to call forth the Spirit of our Lives.