Niclis Müller: “The Paradise of Tears”



The Paradise of Tears


Beside the River of Tears, with branches low,

And bitter leaves, the weeping willows grow;

The branches stream like the disheveled hair

Of woman in the sadness of despair.


On rolls the stream with a perpetual sigh;

The rocks moan wildly as it passes by;

Hyssop and wormwood border all the strand,

And not a flower adorns the dreary land.


Then comes a child, whose face is like the sun,

And dips the gloomy waters as they run,

And waters all the region, and behold

The ground is bright with blossoms manifold.


Where falls the tears of love, the rose appears,

And where the ground is bright with friendship’s tears,

Forget-me-not, and violets, heavenly blue,

Spring, glittering with the cheerful drops like dew.


The souls of mourners, all whose tears are dried,

Like swans, come gently floating down the tide,

Walk up the golden sands by which it flows,

And in that Paradise of Tears repose.


There every heart rejoins its kindred heart;

There is a long embrace that none may part,

Fulfillment meets desire, and that fair shore,

Beholds its dwellers happy evermore.