Robert Reinick: “Where Still Shadows Fall”


Excerpt, “Ballads from the German.” Edinburgh: 1864. Translator: Henry Inglis.


moon song.


Where Still Shadows Fall.


Come in the still night,

Thou dearest and best!

Tis long since the sunlight

Has sunk to its rest.


Why tarry, my heart?

The starlight is clear!

The moon’s silver crest

Is hastening near.


See how the moon gleams

On blossoms and spray!

Trust in the moonbeams.

For loyal are they:

What fearest thou? Love come away!


In dreamy bliss lie

Each floweret and tree

Love only is waking, to gaze upon thee.


List to the nightingale.

List to my call:

Come, Dearest, come, where still shadows fall.