Uhland: “Faith in Spring”

By Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787-1862), “Frühlingsglaube”, from Lieder, in Frühlingslieder, no. 2 by Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828), “Frühlingsglaube”, D. 686 (1820). Translation by FiDiTanzer528.

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The gentle breezes have awakened,
They whisper and float day and night,
They create on all sides.
O fresh fragrance, o new sound!
Now, poor heart, be not afraid!
Now all, all must change.


The world becomes more beautiful with every day,
No one knows, what may become,
The blossoming will not end;
It blooms in the farthest, deepest valley:
Now, poor heart, forget thy pain!
Now all, all must change.