Friedrich Adolf Krummacher: “The Setting Sun”

Excerpt, “German Lyric Poetry:  A Collection of Songs and Ballads.”  Translated from the Best German Lyric Poets, with Notes by Charles Timothy Brooks.  1863.




The sun is setting brightly;

How clear he looks, and sprightly!

How like a friend he seems to gaze,

While slowly sinks his golden blaze!


This is the way he preaches,

And this the truth he teaches:

Whoe’er in goodness spends the day,

When evening comes, is always gay.


He walks from morn to even

His destined path through heaven,

And from his heavenly tent pours forth

Brightness and warmth o’er all the earth.


Then, when the day is ending,

He, to his rest descending,

Yet stays his downward course a while,

To greet us with a farewell smile.


And now he is reposing;

Night’s shades are o’er him closing;

But with new splendor soon he’ll rise,

And flame on high in eastern skies.


So tread the path before thee,

Of virtue, bliss and glory,

That, when the day of life is o’er,

Thy sun may rise in heaven to set no more.