Wilhelm Hauff: “Soldier’s Love”

Excerpt, “Translations From The German Poets.” Edward Stanhope Pearson. 1879.

Soldier’s Love


Alone upon my nightly post

I pace amidst a sleeping host,

And of my far-off love I dream,

If kind and true I her may deem.


When with the colours I was placed

How lovingly she me embraced,

She decked my hat with ribbons smart,

And weeping pressed me to her heart.


She loves me still, she is so dear,

And so I’m gay and of good cheer,

My heart beats warm though cold of night,

The thought of true love makes it light.


Now, surely, by the lamp’s pale glow,

Thou should’st into thy chamber go,

And with thy deepest vows thou’lt pray

For him thou lovest far away.


And when thou’rt sad and weepest sore,

And think’st that

dangers close me o’er,

Be still, for God is with me too,

His love preserves a soldier true.


The bell strikes, soon the round draws near,

Relieving me from watching here:

Sleep well within thy chamber still,

And let my form thy visions fill!